Mons Playgroup Centre

Connecting Children, Families & Communities of the Sunshine Coast.

Over 1 Acre of gently sloping hills, soft green grass and large shade tree's.
Facilities include great indoor/outdoor equipment and activities from costumes, swings, fort, dolls, instruments, craft (painting, playdough etc), cubby house, tunnels to a toy shed full of bikes, scooters and cars.

The first two Playgroup sessions are free then on your third visit (and the start of each term) you need to pay the term fee of $35 per family ($30 Concession).

This is for one session per week-if you would like to attend additional sessions per week then it's an extra $20 per term. A casual rate of $5 is available per session.

EVERY member is also required to pay an annual PAQ (Playgroup Association Queensland) membership fee of $35 ($25 concession) to PGQ which provides insurance cover and entitles you to Totline Magazine, shop discounts etc and Toy Library borrowing.

So come along and PLAY!

It is a great way to make new friends and have fun

For Further Details regarding playgroups currently meeting or Hiring this Venue please Contact Michelle Poole on 0754 534 938
or 0428 949 948

Contact People for Playgroups

Tuesday Session - Jodie P: 0403 370 606
Thursday Session - Tawnie P: 0420 907 341
Friday Session - Jacqui P: 0400 706 124

French Playgroup - Nicky P: 0488 046 759 E:
My Time - Kris P: 0418 484 986

Non-profit organization